eCommece Development Services

Smart tech solutions that empower online businesses for more than 6 years! 1WayIT is proud with more than 6 years in the industry of eCommerce software development. Throughout these years, we have learned behavioral patterns, mastered clever UX design tricks and accumulated am enormous shared experience pool that will benefit your eCommerce development project.





Accessibility and Availability

Why target a group when you can sell to the world? Here, in 1WayIT, we develop eCommerce platforms that are accessible from all over the world regardless of the device, screen size and operating system your shoppers choose to use.


Simple, intuitive, minimalistic. Those are the key ingredients chosen to create the perfect eCommerce platform that grabs the attention of the shopper from the first glance.

Smart Data Analysis

Enhance your decision making with data-driven solutions. Clicks, likes, visits and page views – these and other metrics play a crucial role in development of marketing plans as well as promotional campaigns for eCommerce businesses.

Conversion Optimization

The UI/UX experts at 1WayIT use their experience in behavioral prediction and analytical design in order to craft the most conversion-optimized experiences for your shoppers.