Customer Relationship Management Solutions

In the past, CRM applications have been complicated, costly and beyond the reach of small businesses. On the other hand, small businesses have the same needs as larger organizations and thus, a great need for CRM software. Without it, small businesses miss out on opportunities in every stage of the sales process. CRM improves upon every function including tracking prospects, managing customers, delivering products and services, sending invoices and getting paid. According to HubSpot, unsuccessful sales teams are two times more likely to use excel, Outlook or physical documents to store lead customer data instead of a CRM solution. With One Way IT Solutions, you can have a powerful tool that simplifies and integrates every stage of the sales process all in one place.

Power Your Business with CRM by One Way IT Solutions

We want to help you achieve your goals with CRM software solutions. At One Way IT, we provide the tool that helps small businesses manage their leads, contacts, organizations, partners, vendors and suppliers. You won’t miss a thing about your leads or contacts from the background, email history, and important dates, to any projects or opportunities in which they have participated. With our CRM solutions, you have the power to generate and manage leads with ease.

Managing potential business in your sales funnel has never been easier. Create opportunities to define the value of the business, manage pipelines and associated activity sets, opportunity funnel stages and categories, the probability of winning, and forecast close dates. In addition, we help you understand the health of your business with our opportunity reports.

With our CRM solutions, you will never be more organized. You can track you ‘to dos’, log meeting notes and phone calls. Our email reminders keep up to speed without having to log in every time. Additionally, you can link your contacts, opportunities, project organizations and emails to your tasks. When time is in short supply, you can easily delegate tasks to another user. We also allow you to create custom, tabular reports using a simple design that helps you stay organized and create reports quickly.

Get the Most out of Your CRM Solutions

One Way IT Solutions is here to help you tailor our software to meet your business and your team’s unique needs. Our specialists will guide you through setting up your account, training your team, and getting everyone in sync it our latest features. Whether you want step-by-step guidance or a hands-off approach, we have a plan that’s right for you.

Explore all that we have to offer and discover how CRM by One Way IT Solutions can grow your business.