VAT Enabled Accounting Software can help you to Transition to the new Legal Framework


VAT is just around the corner and due to the fact that the UAE VAT (Value added tax) is modeled after the European Union VAT policies, most of the businesses using accounting software which cannot handle the UAE VAT framework.  Furthermore, over 40 percent of business isn’t using a proper accounting software for capturing several potential tax-related transactions.

Value Added Tax is a tax which is levied on consumption and it is applicable to about all sort of goods and services. Since most of the companies are aware that as part of expanding the revenue generation and diversifying the economy, UAE is going to adopt Value Added Tax which applies to most of the goods and services excluding basic food items, education, and healthcare. Although the burden typically lies on the end consumer the business units are required to change the processes, systems, and procedures for complying with the new legal framework which is going to be implemented effective 1st Jan 2018.

Listed below are some of the points which a business must consider.
• Approaching 1st January 2018, Business must register with tax authorities, however, it is voluntary for the businesses with annual turnover of USD $50,000 to register.
• It is compulsory for any business with a minimum annual turnover of USD $100,000 with respect to any 12-month period must file the tax returns.
• Business is required to consider Input and Output Tax, exempted transactions and Zero Rated Tax while filing their tax returns.
• For the businesses, the drive would be for registering and availing the input credit & not staying outside of the purview.
• Presently, software’s like Quickbooks (US edition) and Peachtree (Sage 50 US) are not compatible with UAE VAT.

1WayITSolutions offers you with a flexible VAT UAE Dubai Accounting Software.  We can offer existing businesses with a software solution which is UAE VAT ready. Our Accounting software is tightly integrated, providing you real-time access to business intelligence for making better-informed decisions. And you could also automate your business process across your company. This means that your business could run in real time. Having full visibility of the financial history, companies could collaborate more effectively with their suppliers and vendors. Also, it enables them to make more efficient financial decisions over time.


Features of the accounting software

    • Enhanced Decision Making

With the role-based dashboards and real-time metrics, decision making in every segment of businesses is improved.

    • Increased Productivity

The automated back-office processes would increase the productivity across the business processes.

  • Improved accountability and compliance

Enhanced compliance with auditable and robust accounting software unleashes the full power of the financials for the businesses.

  • Totally Customizable

The accounting software is fully customizable for extending easily for meeting your exact requirements. The prevailing reports can be customizable, and also allows creating additional new reports as per the requirement.

  • Robust Accounting

Robust Accounting enables businesses in integrating all of their financial processes with an all-inclusive ERP solution.

  • Return Filing

The accounting software offers a complete VAT summary reports compliance. Returns could also be saved and displayed in PDF format.

Choose the best appointment management software for your business?

Choose the best appointment management software for your business?

1 Way IT Solutions offer different kinds scheduling for businesses. Many of the organizations are now using this software to keep their business in schedules. We offer the appointment management software with more options. With this software, many of the patients make an appointment in online. Our software gives more functionality and features than the online scheduling. We can accommodate scheduling scenario in a perfect way than any other. Moreover, our 1 Way IT Solutions help you to get appointment easier by using this software. Large offices can manage the new appointment requests. Our service is help for more healthcare organization to reduce this work. In the software, the appointment process will be processed totally via online.

 Benefits of appointment management software:

With the increase of population, we offer appointment service to our client in an excellent way. By our service, one can make an appointment online without any risks. Some of the advantages of our service are given below.

  • Client self-scheduling:

By the software, our client can schedule an appointment on their own via websites. We offer this service to save your time. If you use this software you no need to stand in the queue to get an appointment.

  • Reduces no shows:

By the phone call scheduling, a huge number of people are failing to get an appointment in a phone call. So, our 1 Way IT Solutions offer this software to reduce no-shows. It will send the mail automatically to your client and reduce a cost of your business.

  • Accessibility:

The software helps you to access the appointment at few steps. You can make appointments at anywhere and any location. We offer the service with high quality and it will be used in some devices such as tablets, smartphone, and laptops.

  • Staff appointments:

Your staffs can also handle their appointments by this software.  With our services, your customer can view your services in online at any time. We help you to keep the accounting to be flexible to keep your employees to be happy. With our scheduling, you get more advantages while using this software.

  • Automatic reminders:

We keep your business to run in smoothly with the automatic emails and messages. You can view the notifications and notify your clients if you forget to pick up their phone call. We offer this service to let them know the notification automatically.

  • Marketing:

Now, there is different software used in marketing to increase the growth of the business. This software helps you to process the appointment in social media pages and some websites. We also allow you to schedule about your marketing by clicking on book now button.

  • Consumer support:

We always create the software for customer usage. We offer services for 24 hours to our clients with excellent performance. You do not face any issues while operating this software for an appointment. Our experts develop the software with advanced tools to give unique scheduling to the user. If you want to make an appointment in simple steps then use prefer our service and save your time.

Why have an online invoicing software for your business?


1 Way IT Solutions is the web-based invoicing software, which helps you develop professional invoices and send automatically payment reminders and then get paid quickly online. Through our service, we get everything that you ever need to manage your paperwork. Our 1 Way IT Solutions comes with the fully featured suited for accounting and invoicing tools for your business. Using our service, design and send professional invoices within a minute. This eventually improves your business growth and profit. Our only motive is to offer simple pricing for the advanced features.

Features of our invoice service:

Our 1 Way IT Solutions offers many outstanding and efficient features for the customers in order to fulfill their requirements. Here is the list of our online invoicing service features.

  • Quick invoicing – Quickly create and send professional invoices as well as impress your customers.
  • Easy time tracking – Easily track time for projects and invoice customer accordingly
  • Online payments – Get paid quickly and on time with our online payment gateways
  • Automated reminders – Send friendly payment reminders to the customers and get paid on time
  • Easy expense management – Record all expenses of the business and know how much exactly spending
  • Insightful reports – Run reports in immediately and achieve critical insights on the business performance
  • Easy invoicing – Create professional and good-looking invoices in any languages and easily deliver to the client

Benefits of using our service for your business:

Running the business needs the business owner to maintain professional standards and develop great experience for customers. To improve the business growth, the owners need to create a good-looking website and add unique products/service offerings. Besides, the owner needs to use the right set of tools, which improve customer service and provide the professional approach to the customer so that only they recommend to their peers. 1 Way IT Solutions online invoicing is such a way of building the positive image with the customer. Our online invoicing software used to send quick professional invoices to the client.

Professional Kind of service:

We offer professional online invoicing service to your business that improves your business productivity. Our integrate invoice solutions help you in both invoice generation and verification. Our solution also offers integrated payments so that customer can make instant payment online. The entire process saves more resources and time in sending out manual summarizes emails as well as payment reminders. Our online invoice solution helps send recurring invoices for long-term subscription and deals. The basic business objective is growth and profits. If the payments not processed timely then your business never gets profit.

Save a lot with right planning here:

Our professional invoice service offers automated transaction processing for fast payments for each sale. Moreover, we offer detailed status of invoices so one can send out reminders to that invoices that are due for long. Our invoice service helps the business save costs on paper and manually couriering the invoices. Our online solution helps you save all your invoices, expense receipt, estimates, and other documents in online. This makes both internal and external auditing simpler. Our online service helps to reduce errors and invoice disputes. Furthermore, our online invoicing service makes your business environment-friendly.

How Inventory Management Software Can Help to Grow Your Business


1 Way IT Solutions have gained acknowledgment as a prosperous service provider of the world class Inventory Management system services. In the new or modern retail business, the inventory management system is the axis of stock chain system around which all systems of product outflow and inflow rotates. This makes having an efficient and effective inventory management system that can properly observe the flow of products units in and out of inventory an important requirement of each and every retail business. These systems are vitally important for both productions as possible as product trading business. The inventory systems are utilized to create a bill of materials, work order and other production regarded documents. A provided system offers international sales tax management, countryside tax management, inventory & store management, and payment gateway integration. In addition, our renowned patrons can avail these systems from us at the market leading prices. The creative ways to solve inventory management disputes by searching our solution.

Inventory Management Disputes:

The Inventory management is the main part of doing business.  It is meant by which companies ensure retailed with all essential goods they need to market to clients and complete daily operations. While products are sold, they must be refilled at the rate that does not lead to frequent stock-outs and huge overstocks.

Inventory Management Suspensions:

The best settlement to inventory management is to find software that is robust and reasonable enough for midsize and small size businesses to stay with for many hours. 1 Way IT Solutions is the best and powerful inventory management system that fits into this part. The IT management and IT warehouse assist you to oversee multiple locations, automatically reorder products, track shipments, print & scan barcodes, use multi-currency features, convert units of measurement, create multilevel work orders etc. We integrate with a lot of other business solutions including eBay, Sales force, Amazon, QuickBooks, and Xero, just to name the few. So, you can easily share your inventory data across all of the desktop and online platforms to assure each one has accurate, up-to-date inventory values and quantities. We are the ideal inventory management system solution for huge types of the business, including

  • The Builders that work with thousand components, parts, and other materials
  • Wholesale distributors along with multiple suppliers and warehouses both outside and inside their home country
  • The service providers maintain particular numbers of replacement parts, cleaning supplies and other items to distribute their clients
  • And many other are ranging from SMBs to the large organizations

With our solution, you can easily speed up your inventory management systems by utilizing bar-code scanners, save cost by balancing your inventory requirements and get more out of your workers by allowing them a device to be more productive. Remove double data entry by merging out solutions with other business solutions, such as Xero’s and Quick Books accounting software. Commute multiple currencies into the home currency in sales orders and purchase orders to contribute with taxes and other calculations. We are the best to provide the services to your business at hundred percentages in this world at affordable prices.

Make the Smart Choice for your Business using Accounting Software


Accounting software is effective solutions for large and small business for cash flow analysis of their core operations, financing and investments. Businesses could use online accounting software for better business management which forms the basis for their success.  Accounting software could assist the business owner in analyzing and identifying all the issues in their business processes.

Efficient and quick accounting software improves the overall cash flow of your business. Proper accounting software solutions enable business owners in generating financial statements for managing their business and also for forecasting future financial activities.

Today, accounting software plays a decisive role for the businesses. The primary reason for the popularity of the accounting software is offering you the ability in handling the primary bookkeeping business tasks like invoicing, payroll and cash flow monitoring. Business owners understand the importance of time. That’s why many business owners are using accounting software for managing their finances. By streamlining their bookkeeping, they find more time for actually growing their core business.

Significance of Accounting Software

The accounting as a process is the backbone of a commercial business. Usually, the accounting software enables the user in keeping and storing all the information and could be used for all sorts of calculation purposes. Accounting software organizes, integrates and automates all the typical financial transactions, assisting the business in running more smoothly.

Some of the key benefits of accounting software are listed as below:

  • It enables you to perform your everyday tasks more easily
  • It could be used as an effective tool for accounting advice or can be a helping hand for your employees
  • With accounting software, you could easily manage reporting and bookkeeping for your business.
  • With the help of accounting software, you could get your job done quickly with least effort and more accurately

The advantages of business accounting software for any business are very well-known. When it comes to picking the perfect product, though, the options could be intimidating, particularly when swapping from particular software to another one. Inspecting your existing and possible future requirements could assist you in making smart choice for your business using “accounting software. In case your present requirements are very basic but you’re anticipating future growth of your business, ensure whatever accounting software you select is expandable with respect to your future business requirements.

1 Way IT Solution’s accounting software could be tailored for automating your unique business workflows, without needing costly customization. Our accounting software would reconcile all your bank accounts and develop financial statements like income statement, balance sheet, cash flows, and several other financial reports.

Our Accounting Solutions will give your bookkeepers and accountants the confidence they require for performing their everyday tasks. With our accounting software, we empower finance professionals with deep functionality which automates even the complex processes and develop rich operational and financial insights.

If you have any questions or if you just want to check in? Send our dedicated experts a quick message or just give us a call.

Boost your Business with Mobile Software Development Services

Boost your Business with Mobile Software Development Services

As the owner of a business, you might be wondering if it makes any sense to develop a smartphone app. If you are looking to adapt to the mobile world for increasing customer satisfaction then the answer is a big yes!  Mobile software development services could help you in boosting the efficiency of your business and will also enhance the service and interactions with the buyer by refining both your external and internal business processes.

One of the great ways for making your business to run more smoothly is by developing an app which improves the internal processes of your business. It can be an app which assists your employees in logging their hours, an app which could access the database so that your employees could enter relevant information via their phones or something which can accelerate or simplify the overall workflow.

How to find which processes in the business could benefit by developing an app? Analyze and examine your present processes, assess your staff’s day-to-day operations and the struggles which they have to face, and then get along with a mobile software development team for solving all the problems that you come across.

Improving your internal processes would simplify the work not just for you alone but also for your employees. However, if you actually want to boost the chances for success of your business, consider investing in the mobile software services which would improve your external business processes. A mobile app which could make it easier for the customers in buying your products or services could easily help you to drive new and retain customers for your business that would increase the sales and also encourage loyalty of your customers.

Still unsure how mobile apps could enhance the business process and help to make the business process easier for the customers? Some instances of mobile apps could include restaurants which allow their customers for ordering food from the ease of their mobile phone, banks where you could deposit cheques just by taking snaps of them.

In case you’re not experienced enough with mobile software development, it could appear to be intimidating while entering the world of mobile business. However, even if you do not know anything about mobile software development, we at 1way IT solutions have the experience and the expertise to help you in developing the apps for improving all your business processes. Whether you are looking to develop mobile applications for smartphones or tablets, 1 Way IT Solutions has your requirements covered whatever be the platform or device.

As one of the leading mobile software development companies, 1 Way IT solutions has extensive expertise and experience in delivering high performing, feature-packed and digitally transformative mobile applications for major mobile platforms such as Android, iOS, Windows Mobile, and BlackBerry.

Contact one of our representatives today and ask for a quote. So in case you are looking for a mobile app developer for augmenting all your efforts or customized and complete mobile software development solutions, 1 Way IT Solutions has the experts for delivering your mobile app.

Tips on Choosing the Best SEO Companies to Work with

Tips on Choosing the Best SEO Companies to Work with

Search engine optimization is a fabulous technique which can make a particular website more search engine friendly. Paramount goal of SEO companies is to maximize business of their clients. Such companies exist in maximum all countries across the world. Usually, a business owner has to struggle for acquiring better online visibility and tremendous traffic. However, by seeking a splendid company, he can get this task done in a rapid manner.

Most website owners desire higher rankings and better visibility in the results that a search engine displays. Search Engine Optimization has the capacity to do this for a web page or a website altogether. The growing importance of websites and online businesses has led to rapid flourish in the SEO business. A number of SEO companies have started their operations across the globe offering SEO services to numerous website owners.

A reliable search engine optimization company always tries to give optimum results and make a website accomplish good ranking within search engines such as Google. As a report of the latest survey, SEO services have brought positive outcomes for a large number of businesses as they not only got top rankings but also obtained extensive traffic. The best SEO company always provides superior promotion of services and products of a specific company. For maximum website owners, it is extremely intricate to reach the target market. Whereas by hiring SEO services provided by a leading company, the majority of businesses easily reach their target audience.

A qualified SEO Company will offer the following advantages thereby helping you enhance the scope of your business.


  • Improve potential traffic count
  • Offer updated search algorithms
  • Provide ethical SEO solutions and strategies
  • Offer a defined navigation structure to your website
  • Avoid techniques contrary to ethics
  • Increase potential customer base
  • Use ethical modes of optimizations to ensure accuracy
  • Ensuring semantic keyword relevance
  • Ensuring SEO solutions based solely on client’s business and requirements


While searching for a company for SEO, it is vital to opt for a truthful one. The success of a company is based on few factors and drawing the attention of clients is one of them. Rather than learning SEO tricks, it is better to rely on SEO company. When a website gets more online traffic through services of SEO company, businesses can get superlative ROI (return on investment) without making much effort. SEO professionals keep a steady eye on activities of visitors of their clients’ sites and take measures to increase leads and sales. For a website, it is vital to rank high in search engine results because clients use search engines such as Yahoo, MSN, and Google to seek any service and product. SEO services also give huge exposure to a website. SEO companies guarantee long-term sustainability and growth.

How to Hire a Web Design Company

In today’s multimedia online world, having a website is not enough to set yourself aside from your competitors. Whether your visitor lives in the USA, Canada, India, UK, Paris, Rome or anywhere in the world, the web surfer has come and left your website before you had a chance to pitch him your product or idea.

If you live in any country, and have a comprehensive, multimedia web design project, you may not know how to choose a web design company. There are many business owners just like you who are in the same state. You’ve heard the stories of web designers who make commitments but can’t deliver on them. So, how do you know which company to choose? How do assess potential local web design agencies to determine the right company for you and your web design needs? Here are some essential elements to examine when evaluating web design companies in India, or in any city or country around the world:

#1. When considering hiring a web design professional, the essential thing is to let your web designer know what it is you want to accomplish with your website. If he or she knows the basics of your business and will be able to offer you valuable design suggestions. The more input you give the web design company, the more they can help you with this process. In this way, your web designer will be able to suggest the appropriate multimedia according to the nature of your target market.

#2: Experience counts. The web design agency or the firm you choose to do business with should have a proven track record. They should be able to offer you examples of websites they created and testimonials from other website owners. Look for awards and accomplishment from within their industry and a history of developing similar sites to the one you want.

#3: A great website is one that wows the visitor and has them coming back again and again. The website design company you select upon should hold expert knowledge in cutting edge multimedia technologies that can set you apart from the crowd. Ensure the company offers integrated multimedia presentations along with compelling website design services.

#4: Look for someone who listens to you. Your web design or local team should take a consultative approach. They should take the time to work with you to learn precisely what your website goals and requirements are, and the resources you have in mind.

#5: The web design company you choose should understand your design objectives while ensuring your site can be easily indexed by search engines. Integrating the latest technology while also making your site search engine friendly will help your long term online objectives of getting qualified traffic to the site.

#6: As the saying goes, you get what you pay for. It may be tempting to accept the lower bid, but you want someone who can see your project through to the end. Look for outstanding customer service before, during and after the process. You have heard and read the horror stories from those who have sought less than reliable carpenters to complete a job. The same principles apply when choosing a website design team. Remember that your website is a direct, online extension of your company. Don’t pick compulsively, but shop selectively. If you are serious about your online success, you need to hire an organized web design agency -or any firm in your area – that has a track record of doing the same for their clients.

An established web design team or group can help you get to the next step quickly because they have done it for themselves and others. Your very own online success comes with hiring an already established great web design agency. Your best path to online success is to follow someone who is already there.

Mobile Application Development Services

Mobile phone usage is growing swiftly, which not only helps the people to connect, communicate and converse information with each other but also assists them to browse the internet, play games and run a business actively. The smartphone is one such innovation happened in this industry to make the people’s life more exciting and updated. That gives a probability for the development of mobile applications. With a sustained path record of satisfied and happy clientele over the years, 1WayIT delivers extinction, however, the least in mobile application technology. 1WayIT develops mobile applications for iPhone, Android, iOS, iPad, Windows mobile and for mobile games.

Our conception is to drive for new hurdles and execute never-before-used ideas, to create unique applications for our clients. Our team of developers is set apart by their absolute dedication, attention, and ability to build world-class applications.

Mobile application programming is performed on Symbian, iOS, Android, Windows and other types of platforms. To accomplish these platforms, you need professionals to maintain lots of Knowledge and technical skills. A professional mobile app development firm makes sure that you achieve useful applications which can persuade significant ROI for you. With mobile app development, you Can get acknowledgment from customers promptly. The customer will be glad to envision himself as someone specific when he gets the deals and personalized messages. Mobile applications can narrow down the gap between businesses and clients. You can improve your bond with customers and grow your clientele as well as gain reputation in the industry.

A mobile app can serve you in creating tabs for each single piece of information which you would like to make your customers aware of – such as latest product samples, further services, menus, and marketing information. You need to get the best mobile application development services to make sure that every user loves your mobile app designs. There are lots of companies the world over that can give you application development and design services.

Whether you prefer to build a mobile website or a mobile application, you will avail both ways. Despite all mobile app demonstrations, it is essential to do some homework at your end; make sure to figure out the exact needs of your business before making any settlement. You’re sure to bag good amount of bucks by getting the right Mobile application development services for your business. It is advisable to contact a reputable windows mobile application development company to hire professional mobile application developer!

Effective Web Portal Development Solutions


For an online business owner, having the right portal can make a huge difference in its success. Unless you have an effective portal you cannot communicate with your customers.

In the fast increasing and always resulting internet world technology, every business owner desires to have a significant online presence. As a matter of fact, unless you have a website, you cannot strike out to highest likely customers. E-commerce web portals give your potential and furthermore clients a window to have a glance at the products and services offered by you. You can build the customer base by simply having a web portal. Well, there is no denying the fact that building a healthy relationship with clients, to a great extent depends on the web portal that you have. Hiring the services offered by web portal development company is the best way to get started.

Portal development takes experience, expertise, knowledge, and exposure to latest technology and many other things. It is always essential to understand the business needs and goals of an organization before developing a web portal for an organization. We offer a platform with which you can just interact with your customers. Our method of web portal development decides all the needs and goals of businesses. We offer a broad range of web portal development services with the latest technology that assures the best quality in design, development, testing and deployment of the web portal.

Today all over the world, online marketing become a challenging assignment for marketers, due to the several kinds of improvement way possible on the market. You can promote your product with professional services, but how long could you go without a well attractive website design. In the competitive field, you can’t be survived long without any help of web portal development services.  This is mostly happening because almost all business ensures that the web marketing strategies of their product depend on the search engine (google, yahoo, msn) appearance of their website.

The help of experts does have an exclusive set of benefits. You might have an outstanding design, fantastically performing cms and well particular content material used on your website. But, the shortage of original content may affect the outcome in a little reputation of the site in due course of time. The professionals make sure that relevant sources are handled and saved to allow the control to use them at a later time frame and make strengthened content.