Do you want to enhance your web services to new platforms, integrate with other apps, and develop your user audience, an API is essential?

Application Programming Interface (API) is essential to any web solution, software module, plugin, web design or web application as it lays down the protocols / standards to approach a web based app. Whether you want to build a web-based software application, or a web-tool, API plays an essential role in the achievement of your business venture, as it is an integral component that simplify reliable interaction between computer hardware, databases, and software components.

Rely on 1Way IT Solutions for API strategy and development.

APIs allow web applications to interact, exchange data, and share appearances. We can develop an application programming interface that allows more users to tackle the benefits of your web application. That means higher reach for your product and more happy customers! 1Way IT APIs are built for high performance with Representational State Transfer (REST) software architecture, proper authentication, and guarantee best practices. Our careful planning and consideration to detail will surpass your expectations.

Users of your software can only see the interface of your software. API is developed to seamlessly integrate various applications and work in the background so that the user is troubled about the flow of control between different applications. For example, users of your e-commerce website, who use a credit card for purchase, do not see the dialog between your software and the credit card’s authentication program. This is managed by API’s.

Our API Development Expertise:

  • Our team has vast experience at not only developing the APIs but also integrating it to diverse software applications.
  • .NET integration
  • Integration with Google APIs (AdSense, Charts, YouTube, Finance, Maps, Search, Language, Geocoding, etc.)
  • Integration with Java Script / XML / REST based APIs
  • Integration with Oracle based web services
  • Integration with Yahoo APIs (Yahoo Finance and Yahoo Search)
  • PayPal Integration
  • Shipping API Integration (FEDEX & UPS)
  • Skype based API Integration
  • Twitter API development
  • Web API Integration and Development